Plant and cultivation


Hops are climbing plants. They have delicate “climbing hairs” which they use to creep upwards on trees, bushes, or hop trellises. Only female hops are valuable for humans. Once hops have reached a certain height, they start to flower. Many small hop flowers together form an “inflorescence” that develops into a strobile, the hop cone, ready for harvesting. The root stock remains in the ground in winter, it sends up new shoots in spring.

A multitude of hop varieties are known. Traditional land varieties nowadays are of subordinate importance compared to cultivated varieties.

Lupulin is a golden yellow powder that is formed in the lupulin glands of the cones. It contains a multitude of substances — mainly bitter substances, essential oils and so-called polyphenols. Lupulin is eminently suitable for beer brewing as well as for healing purposes.