Plant estrogen

In the mid-1950’s, a hormonally effective component of hops was isolated for the first time. It was found that it contained a so-called “phytoestrogen”, a plant-based form of the female estrogen sexual hormone. The chemical structure was elucidated as recently as 1999. The particular component in hops is called 8-prenylnaringenin (eight prenyl narin genin).

Phytoestrogens may assist in preventing cardiovascular diseases or cancer. Their positive influence on female menopause complaints is of particular interest. This is also associated with prevention of osteoporosis, i.e. bone atrophy. This condition is caused by a lack of endogenous hormones. These may be replaced by well-tolerated plant estrogen such as 8-prenylnaringenine from hops. Initial tests have already been carried out.