Tranquilliser and sleeping agent

In plant medicine (phytotherapy), hops are recognised in particular as a tranquilliser and sleeping agent. Especially in combination with valerian, hops have a demonstrable effect. There are a number of usage possibilities:

Hop tea represents the classical use of hops as a medicinal plant. To avoid hop tea becoming bitter, other ingredients such as valerian, lemon balm or passion flower are added.

There are more than 100 different sleeping pill and tranquilliser formulations containing hops on sale in Germany. They can be bought in pharmacies, drugstores or health food shops. Hop-valerian mixtures are most commonly on offer, predominantly in tablet form.

Bath essences containing hops are recommended for tension and for promoting healthy sleep. In this case too, formulations with other plants (valerian, lemon balm) are common.

Aromatherapy recommends filling a cotton or linen cushion with fresh hop cones. This is placed either underneath the pillow or close by. Body heat causes essential hop oils to be released and the aroma should help to drift off to sleep more easily.

In homoeopathy, alcoholic hop extracts are used to treat tension or sleep disorders. Again, hops are usually combined with other plants.