Hops and Health


In Germany, hops have been named “Medicinal Plant of the Year 2007” by the “Study Group for the Historical Development of Medicinal Plant Science” at the University of Würzburg/Germany. In USA, hops have been selected as theme plant of the 2008 Garden Walk at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where research on the plant is ongoing in the UIC/NIH Botanical Centre.

This site will provide you with information on the healing power of the medicinal plant hops.

Since the Middle Ages, hops have been used for a great diversity of medical purposes. Currently, the plant has become an important element in herbal medicine (phythotherapy) where it is used mainly as a sleeping agent and tranquilliser. In recent years, interest in hops as a medicinal plant has grown considerably. The focus is on research into the different hop components such as e.g. xanthohumol and its potential cancer preventive activities.

A book on Hops and Health has been published by the German Hop Museum in Wolnzach/Germany.